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Toplocations in India

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Put your own bird trip together in India and Bhutan


Sarus Crane, Saruskraanvogel

Sarus crane

India’s rich and diverse wildlife and birdlife is preserved in numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries spread across the country. It is home to a number of rare and threatened bird and animal species.

The top location for birds is Bharatpur where a number of large mammals are to be found, including the Asian elephant, tiger, Asiatic lion, leopard, sloth and other bears and the Indian rhinoceros, water buffalo, gaur and several other species such as hyena, langurs and many more. The Keoladeo Ghana National Park, familiarly known as Bharatpur, is one of the most beautiful and well-known bird reserves in the world. The water in this marshy area is full of life – a kind of “living soup”, full of plankton, algae, leeches, water hyacinths, frogs, watersnakes, terrapins and catfish. Many of these animals are prey for the many waders, egret, ibis, ducks, cranes, storks, cormorants and darters which live here.

tiger-nwsbrCorbett NP was one of the first parks in India especially founded to protect the tiger. There is still a good population of tigers here, and the tigers of Corbett are free to come and go here. For birdlovers, Corbett is (improbably!) the best destination for raptors. Especially in winter, many Siberian and Himalayan birds visit this area. One particular species to look out for in winter is the wall creeper, which can be seen here every winter; another is the ibisbill. The birdlist could be extended with local breeding birds such as the tawny and the brown fish owl, Pallas’s fish eagle, different kinds of sunbirds, laughing thrushes, the giant kingfisher and so on.


Bhutan is great for bird watching. You can go from west to east and meet all the biotopes of Bhutan and see more than 300 species in  two weeks.

Rufous-necked Hornbill

Close to the Indian border you are on lowland level, where the climate and temperatures are subtropical. Here are fabulous pristine forests, floodplains, riverine forests and wetlands. There is an abundance of birds and mammals, including all the big cats, rhino and elephant, in short this is Manas.

A bird paradise with highlights:  Great Hornbill, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Grey Peacock Pheasant, Blyth Kingfisher, Beautiful Nuthatch, Purple en Green Cochoas, Silver-breasted Broadbill, Hooded en Blue-naped Pittas, Black Francolin en Pallas Fish Eagle.

Mammal highlights are pygmy hog (Sus salvanius), Golden Langur, clouded leopard, capped langur, Assamese macaque and lori. Dominant are wild waterbuffeloo, Indian elephant en Indian rhino, tiger.

Down page are the top locations listed in India and Bhutan. These tours are available for groups as well as individuals. It is possible to visit different locations in one tour, you can always contact us to get informed about the possibilities.

For more information about our tours and locations in India and Bhutan have a look on the following pages:

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Toplocation Special bird species with a good chance to observe Special mammals period Number of days
Bharatpur, 366 species Breeding colonies of Indian shag, little cormorant, painted stork, openbill stork and Darter. Many egrets, ducks,  bar-headed goose and lesser whistling duck, black-necked stork overwintering raptors (imperial – and spickled eagle), sarus crane, stone curlew, nightjars and owls striped hyena, jackal, soft-shelled turtle and python October – end March 4
Corbett 580 species Raptors, e.g. Pallas eagle, wallcreeper, rosy pipit, ibisbill Gangesgavial, tiger, Indian elephant October – end March 2
Naini Tal, (inclusive Mongoli Valley and Pangot) Many warblers, red-flanked bluetail, tesias, reat hornbill, tawny and brown fish owl, different species of rosefinches and laughingh thrushes, Himalayan greenfinch, spotted and little forktail, Malesian Marter October – end March 4
Bandhavgarh lesser adjutant, orange-headed thrush, grater whistling teal, giant leafbird, brown fish owl tiger, red dog (dhole) October – end March 4
Gir about 300 species mottled wood owl, rufous-fronted prinia, tree swift, sandgrous, Indian lion 3
Little Rann of Kuch black-breasted weaver, chestnut-bellied sandgrouse, sykes nightjar, Stoliczka’s bush chat, demoisell crane, rednecked falcon, variable wheatear, small buttonquail Asian wild donkey, Indian wolf, desert fox 2
Diu (120 species possible within 2 days) Especially coast birds, Heuglins gull. great black headed gull, western reef egret, Mongolian and desert plover, many pipets, Asian golden plovers and pallid harier 1-2
Goa  + Western Ghats 150-350 species Malabar trogon, M. hornbill, frogmouth, M. parakeet, grey-necked bunting, oriental dwarf kingfisher 4-12
Kaziranga 270 species Greater and lesser adjutant stork, Bengal florican, black-necked stork, Pallas fish eagle, swamp partridge, hornbill, green imperial pigeon, babblers, bar-headed goose,great hornbill Indian rhino, elephant, waterbuffelo, tiger, hoolock gibbon, swamp and hog deer February 2-3
Eaglenest Bugun liocichla, ward’s trogon, wedge-billed and rufous-throated wren-babblers, rufous-necked, great and wreathed hornbills, black-necked crane, beautiful nuthatch, emerald cuckoo. Many different laughingh-thrushes, yuhina’s Himalayan giant squirrel 4
Nadampha 500 species Snowy-throated babbler, white-bellied heron, rufous-necked hornbill and ward’s trogon, giant heron, blyth’s kingfisher, ruddy kingfisher, blue-eared kingfisher, three-toed kingfisher 3
Bhutan 280- 300 species Whitebellied Heron, Black-necked Crane, Ibisbill,  many warblers, laughingh-thrushes, yuhina’s en fulvetta’s. 4 species of forktails. Himalayagier, Siberian ruby throat, red-flanked bluetail capped Langur, golden langur, Assami Macaque 13
Nameri  300 species White-winged wood duck, whiterumped and the longbilled vulture, hornbills – (great, wreathed and rufous necked )– black-necked stork, Pallas’ fish eagle, ibisbill, blue-bearded bee-eaters, babblers, plovers and many other birds Pygmy Hog, Gaur or the Indian bison, wild boar, sloth bear, Himalayan black bear, capped langur, Himalayan giant squirrel, elephant 2





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