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AS the lower parts of europe looked like centuries ago with their remarkable birds and mammals



bela-laplanduilDuring our eleven-day birdwatching tour to Belarus, we will see the special species native to Belarus. So you may see all the European woodpeckers, the great grey owl, aquatic warbler, great snipe and Terek sandpiper and many other species. In this review you will form a good impression of the tour in the beautiful  Belarus countryside- beautiful not just because of the birds, but also because of its splendid scenery, authentic villages and homesteads. We will be looking for the birds in the beautiful biotops, in the woods of forest giants and in the grasslands too. Everywhere we go we will also see grass snakes, red-bellied toads and terrapins, butterflies and orchids. This is an amazing and perpetually  well-enjoyed aspect of this tour. Our tour is guided by an English speaking tour leader, a local bird guide, who knows perfectly the spots where we may find the birds.


Day 1: Arrival in Minsk and transfer to Krasny Bor, where we will spend the first night.

Day 2 – 4: Krasny Bor. In this matchlessly beautiful area we will look for golden plover, the great grey owl, white-backed woodpecker, three-toed woodpecker, aquatic warbler, hazel grouse, capercaillie, Ural owl, pygmy owl, and Tengmalm’s  owl, red-breasted flycatcher,  barred warbler and common rosefinch. This area is also well-renowned for raptors such as the spotted eagle, golden eagle, short-toed eagle and osprey. We are very likely to spot beavers and,  if not,  we will certainly see their tracks and signs..

Day 4: Today we will visit the Berezinsky reserve. This is the only biosphere reserve in Balerus. One of the most beautiful parts of the park is an area of undisturbed boreal  primeval forests which has amongst the most beautiful alder forests in Europe. These are the home of the red-breasted and collared flycatcher,  spotted eagle and Ural owl. In the forest lakes we will find the shy black-throated diver, which is a breeding species here. We will have an overnight stay in the Serguch hotel deep in the forest. Besides the raptors mentioned above we will also find the merlin here.

Day 5: Today we drive southward. It is a rather long drive and on our way we will stop several times to find birds. In the evening we will visit the Sporovo reserve to see the aquatic warbler and citrine wagtail. Overnight stay in Yaselda Hotel in Bereza.

Siberische lis

Siberische lis

Day 6: In case we missed the aquatic warbler and the citrine wagtail yesterday, we will try again in the Sporovo reserve. Afterwards we will head for the Vygonoschanky reserve. Here we will observe the  great snipe on the display grounds and the great grey owl on its nest. Overnight stay in Yaselda hotel in Bereza.




Day 7: Today we will leave for Pripjat National Park, one of the most beautiful and pristine river systems in Eastern Europe. Here you will find a splendid variety of majestic forests with breeding lesser spotted eagles, as well as riverine forests with breeding black storks and white-tailed eagle. The open marshlands rich in sedge vegetation along the river  and blue with Siberian irises, are full of the song of birds like the Terek sandpiper. In the open woodlands we will see the azure-winged tit. We will take an afternoon boat cruise on the Pripjat river.
Overnight stay in Doroshevichy hotel on the border of the river in the National Park.

Day 8-10
On these days we will look for birds in the many biotopes of the Pripjat National Park and the Turov pastures and marshlands. Overnight stay in Doroshevichy hotel in the National Park.

Day 11: Leave from Belarus flight back home.

Travel information
Price: £ 1560,- exclusive international flights.
Warranty:  GGTO
dates 29 april t/m 9 mei 2015
Code: 15BLR (mention at booking).
single room supplement: £ 250,-
start and leave : Minsk
Not included visa and mandatory Belarus health insurance
Itinerary: Extended itinerary and tour description will bes end to you 4 weeks in advance of your tour
local transportation Van and/or bus
Walking effort: Mostly easy
number of participants: min 8, max12
Accommodation: middle class hotels and wooden lodges
tour leading: English speaking tourleader and superb Belarussian guide
Weather: Moderate to warm, with chance rain showers now and then
day 1: arrival in Minsk. Transfer to accommodation;
day 2-4: Krasny Bor;
day 4: to Berezinsky;
day 5: to Vygonoschansky;
day 6: Vygonoschansky;
day 7: to Pripjat;
day 7-10: Pripjat and Turov;
day 11: back home
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