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 Azoren, emerald islands in the Atlantic Ocean

To the four dream islands of the Azores: Sao Miguel, Pico, Faial en Flores in a fortnight

Day 1, September 22nd: Arrival at Sao Miguel


San Miguel

With a straight flight from Amsterdam/London to Ponta Delgada and an overnight stay in an hotel, situated near a bay and amidst nice small shops. Next morning you go with a local flight to Pico.

Day 2: Flight to Pico
After early breakfast you will be brought to the airport for a flight to Pico. 
You will stay 4 nights at Pico, just a few minutes from the coast.

Day 3: Whaling excursion


Cory’s shearwater

After breakfast you walk to the harbor where a boat is waiting for a 3 hour whale watching excursion. In 95 % of the whaling excursions whales and dolphins are being spotted. Biologists on board explain a lot and know the names of the birds you will see during the excursions.

Days 4 – 5: Pico
Pico is not larger then 447 km² and has about  15.000 inhabitants. Capital is Madalena. Most impressive is a 2.351 meter high volcano, and being the highest mountain of whole Portugal. The grey conus has given the islands nickname “Grey Island”. During your stay at the island there are many hikes possible. Depending on the weather conditions and the wishes of the participants, the tourleader will decide whitch hikes will be done.

Day 6: Ferry to Faial

In 30 minutes a ferry brings you to Faial.  The owner of the hotel is waiting for you and brings you to the accommodation. The rest rest of the day you have a walk at the island. Which walk will be decided by the tourleader, taking in account the wishes of the group and the weather conditions.

Day 7: Faial
Faial is the blue island with the capital Horta, which is an important Seaport serving as a stopover for a large nummer of yachts crossing the ocean, about 1.300 yearly! Many leaving sailors leave a mural, worth to take look at.

There is a lot to see and if weather conditions allow it a hike can be made to the leftovers of the Capelinhos volcano. The top of the lighthouse is worth to go because of the gorgeous view over the island and the sea.

Day 8: Faial – Flores 

Today a local flight to Flores the Rosé island. On Flores nature is at its purest: lush green Laurisilva forest, hydrangeas and rhododendrons at the slopes of the hills, the lakes which spread sweetly, the waterfalls like liquid stains on the landscape, the high cliffs along the coast. You will stay at this beautiful island for 3 nights in very special accommodation. Traditional stone cottages are situated in a splendid place in the village Cuada. There are 14 cottages furnished in the old style of the island, but, don’t worry, they are conform modern standards of comfort.

Days 9 -10: Flores
During your stay you will make beautiful walks at this rosé island, enjoy the panoramic views waterfalls and seven volcanic crater lakes.  
The island Flores is 16.5 km long and maximum 11,5 km broad, the surface is 143,11 km2. There are about 4100 residents. 

Special point of the island:
Fajazinha – old village near the sea with ruins of watermills.
The caves of Enxaréus – large caves of more than 50 meter long and 25 meter broad.
7 lakes in the centre of the island, in special “Lagoa Funda”.

Day 11: Binnenlandse vlucht van Flores naar Sao Miguel

After breakfast you will leave the island for another beautiful one Sao Miguel.
Sao Miguel for another 4 days. The green island with the Ponta Delgada, a city of water, and business centre of the Islands and the best accesability with several Natural parks beautiful beaches and farmers houses and orchards. To the south of the island stand two volcanic rocks, which provide a home to the many seabirds and the priolo the endemic finch of the Azores. It has botanical gardens. Villa das Furnas has a caldeira area. For walking and cycling an excellent island. 

Days 12 -14: Sao Miguel

Sao Miguel

Sao Miguel

You will enjoy Sao Miguel also called the ‘ green island’ because of forests and grasslands. The fertile soil makes possible to grow tea, tobacco and pineapple. São Miguel has a varied landscape . 3 freshwater lakes in craters, hot springs and waterfalls.

The most iconic lake  lies close to  Sete Cidades


Day 15: flight from Sao Miguel back home

Practical information
Tour price: € 2395,- /£ 1950,- International flights excluded.
 Guarantee Blue Elephant is member of GGTO; 
Dates: 23rd September – 7th of October 2015
 Tourcode: 15AZO(please mention on booking form)
Single room supplement: € 350,- / £
Arrival and departure: Schiphol – San Miguel
Walking efforts: light walks, sometimes slopes to mount
Participants: minimum 5, maximum 12
Accommodation:  good hotels, moderate lodges 
Guide: Dutch tourleader with fluency in English
Weather: rather stable, temperature 17 tot 21 graden, chance for rain and showers
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