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Blue Elephant
  • Bhutan
  • Blackthroated tit, Blue Elephant, India, Bhutan
    Black-throated Tit, Bhutan
  • Casarca, Bhutan, India, loch, Blue Elephant, vogelreis, natuurreis
  • India, Spot-billed Duck, Blue Elephant, vogelreis, natuurreis, Bharatpur
    India, Bharatpur
  • Edelhert, Schotland, loch, Blue Elephant, vogelreis, natuurreis
  • Taiwan Blue Magpie, Blue Elephant, vogelreis, natuurreis
  • Brazilië, Pantanal, Blue Elephant, Blue-crowned parakeet, vogelreis, natuurreis
  • Brazilië, Pantanal, Blue Elephant, Capibara, Kaaiman, vogelreis, natuurreis
  • Blue Elephant, blauwe ekster, fotografiereis, fotoreis, vogelreis, natuurreis
    Spanje, Portugal
  • Blue Elephant, red-tailed tropicbird, fotografiereis, fotoreis, vogelreis, natuurreis
  • Blue Elephant, flamingo, fotografiereis, fotoreis, vogelreis, natuurreis
    Coto Doñana, Algarve
  • Blue Elephant, Madagascar, Madagaskar, Giraffe-necked weevil, fotografiereis, fotoreis, vogelreis, natuurreis
  • Blue Elephant, Madagascar, Madagaskar, Kameleon, fotografiereis, fotoreis, vogelreis, natuurreis

Welcome to Blue Elephant

Blue Elephant is a travel operator specialized in Birding and Nature tours all over the world. Blue Elephant organizes bird and nature tours for travelers who prefer to have quality, personal comfort, safety, and who wants to experience “being part-of-its-nature”. Blue Elephant organizes both leisure travel and scientific trips. Our scientific trips are organized entirely customized to your wishes.

Blue Elephant organizes trips as well as in groups as for individuals. Your individual trip can be organized customized to your unique wishes. On the page “Individual tours” you can have a look at the trips that can be made on an individual basis.

On the page “Travel Calendar” you will find the trips we offer for groups.

Unique experiences and unique destinations
Experiencing nature, plants, animals and landscapes from the back of an elephant, quietly walking through forest or savanna, is a totally unique experience. Blue Elephant will let you enjoy similar experiences by traveling to special destinations.

On the following web pages you can find information about

* Our organization and our values 
* Our destinations, which lists the tours also individual books
* Travel calendar 2018, which contains the programmes of our organized group tours
* How you can sign up for a trip and how to contact us
* On the News page you will find the latest newsletter

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